the instant refresh set

So Fresh. So Clean.

$19.50 $26


what is it?
Two quick steps for perfectly cleansed and purified feet, anywhere and everywhere.

what does it do?
This set includes: 
Clean Slate™: a textured wipe that gives your feet an instant deep clean anywhere and everywhere.

Twinkle Toes™: the ultimate odor-eliminating, bacteria-killing, foot-freshening super spray.

why is it the best?
We spent years crafting Twinkle Toes™, the perfect formulation that combines 6 different powerful agents to wipe out the growth of the bacteria and fungus that cause funky odors. Additionally, our deep-cleaning wipes keep feet pristine with an infusion of soothing essential oils, anti-inflammatory flower, fruit and root extracts, and deep moisturizing shea butter and coconut oil. You're welcome! 

why will you love it?
Enjoy feeling so effortlessly fresh and clean that you'll want to skip merrily down the street like you're in a musical.