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High Dive

4.06 fl oz / 120ml

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Take a plunge into deep hydration. High Dive™ is a daily intensive hydration butter designed to nourish the extra-tough skin that protects your feet. This breakthrough formula combines 15 of nature’s most potent hydrating agents and a delivery system that penetrates deep into your skin to rapidly restore water content and promote elasticity. The butter’s long-lasting effects can relieve even the driest, most cracked and hardened skin, leaving your feet feeling soft and silky-smooth. Go ahead, dive in.

Hypoallergenic. Vegan. Free of Phthalates & Parabens. Cruelty Free.

All 4 Classes Of Moisturizers & 4 Types of Hyaluronic Acids
Deep Penetrating Delivery System Customized For Thicker Skin
Luxuriously Whipped Butter With Non-Greasy Texture
  • Because Your Feet Are Basically The Sahara

    Being thick-skinned is actually a good thing – at least when it comes to your feet. This specialized type of skin is up to 8x thicker than the skin on the rest of your body, providing your feet with extraordinary protection throughout the day, but also making them especially vulnerable to dryness, unsightly calluses, corns and painful cracks. Every day, your feet are depleted of moisture faster than any other part of the body, a result of the hundreds of tons of downward pressure your body puts on them as well as being trapped all day long in sweat-inducing saunas known as 'shoes.'

  • How To Use

    Generously massage into clean feet to help restore dry or cracked skin, re-establish moisture balance and promote cellular elasticity.


    Rapidly healing feet that are cracked, callused, scaly or extra-dry

    Rehydrating & softening skin at the beginning or end of your day

    People who are on their feet for work or sports (drying out their skin)

    Giving someone (or yourself) an amazing foot massage

  • Ingredients

    Hydroxyethyl Urea

    A potent humectant that penetrates deep into skin to enhance water absorption and improve the skin's ability to maintain its natural hydration balance.

    4x Hyaluronic Acid

    A combination of four different types of sodium hyaluronate – capable of holding 1,000 times its weight in water – that builds up a three-dimensional network to accurately target different layers of skin and replenish water from the inside and out.

    Ceramide NG

    A waxy plant-derived molecule identical to the one that is made by our own skin which replenishes natural ceramides as they are lost by holding the skin together and forming a protective layer to help prevent moisture loss.

    Glycolic Acid

    A naturally occurring substance that removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells in order to allow other hydrating agents deeper and faster penetration into the skin.

    Shea Butter

    A fat extracted from the nut of an African Shea tree that promotes cell regeneration and rejuvenates dry, chapped skin down to the skin’s deepest layers.

    Gotu Kola Extract

    An ancient herb that boosts the formation of collagen and skin tissue, crucial to maintaining the skin’s elasticity and youthful glow.

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This product is absolutely wonderful

It really doesn't take a lot, just a little bit, and I tend to rub a little bit extra on the areas that are a little more tough... it smells really good and it just has made my feet so much smoother, so much softer, and I feel so much more confident about them.


I can see the difference; my feet feel/look nice and soft and silky-smooth... No more scaring my clients away with gross, cracked and hardened skin! I am a fan.


I've been using it and it's amazing!

Kristina G.
United States

Can't stop admiring my feet

I hate feet, but the results from High Dive have me weirdly admiring my own feet. High Dive has been such a treat - keeps my feet moisturized and a silky smooth they've never experienced before! Also love Twinkle Toes which has been perfect for me because I don't like wearing socks!


My feet are smooth, they are soft again, my heels aren't cracked anymore.

My feet have been a mess since winter between the dry winter months, exercising every day, running around with the kids, being barefoot, doing yoga... my feet have been a wreck, my heels have been cracked, my feet have been dry and this has completely turned it around for me.