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Twinkle Toes

1.7 fl oz / 50 ml

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Just a couple quick spritzes on your feet or inside your shoes and socks is all you need to prevent and eliminate odor. Twinkle Toes™ combines 6 different powerful agents to wipe out and prevent the growth of the bacteria and fungus that cause funky odors, along with a blend of calming and cleansing botanicals to leave you feeling instantly refreshed, cool and clean. Your feet and shoes will thank you all day long.

Hypoallergenic. Free of Phthalates & Parabens. Cruelty Free.

6 Powerful Agents Work Together To Eliminate All Odor-Causing Bacteria & Fungus
Versatile Protection From Odor
  • Because We Only Want Bacteria in Our Yogurt

    Billions of odor-causing bacteria and fungi multiply and thrive inside your damp, dark socks and shoes all day, everyday. These micro-baddies can lead to some funky foot odors that can clear a room, or even unpleasant infections.

  • How To Use

    Shake thoroughly to mix. Apply a few spritzes to your feet and over and in-between your toes, or to the insides of your socks and shoes, to eliminate current odors and prevent odor from forming. Allow to air dry.

    Great For

    Using in the morning for odor-free feet & shoes during your day

    Treating your socks and shoes after a run or workout

    Anytime your feet begin to feel hot or sweaty

    Secretly spraying your kids’ extra-gross socks & shoes

    Anytime you might be barefoot around others


  • Ingredients

    Clinical Silver

    A patented, highly potent version of one of nature’s mightiest antibacterial germ fighters that is formulated to help support antimicrobial (bacteria, fungi and viruses) processes.

    Lichen Extract

    Derived from a symbiotic organism from India, this extract has natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

    Tea Tree Leaf Oil

    An essential oil from Australia known for its versatile antibacterial and antifungal properties.

    Manuka & Manuka Oil

    Derived from natural bee-made honey, a natural complex that inhibits bacterial and fungal growth.

    Arrowroot Powder

    A starch extracted from the roots of an arrowroot plant that reduces odors, moisturizes the skin and helps to eliminate toxins.

    Lavender Oil

    A potent essential oil that can inhibit the growth of skin bacteria and neutralize odors.

    Witch Hazel Distillate

    A potent natural astringent that tones skin, tightens pores, eliminates excess oils and restores the skin’s pH balance.

    Kelp Extract

    An extract of giant brown seaweed that detoxifies, conditions, hydrates and softens the skin while also replenishing the skin with essential vitamins and minerals.

    Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

    A juice derived from the aloe vera plant with a high water content, making it a powerful ingredient to hydrate, soothe and refresh skin.

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United States
I recommend this product

Where has this been all my life?

In love! Subtle scent, but powerful deodorizer. I can't say enough good things about this spray. I now use this daily, and will be buying more in the future!

United States
I recommend this product

It really works!!

I was skeptical at first but it really works. I wore my new flats, no socks, throughout 9 hours. When I got home my shoes and feet had no bad odor. It was great!

Tracy H.
United States
I recommend this product

Love Twinkle Toes!

This stuff really works! I used it on both mine and my daughter's sports shoes (indoor volleyball shoes, recess sneakers and soccer cleats). They actually smelled fresh within a minute! I'm definitely buying more!!

Christa A.
United States
I recommend this product

For my husband

My husband uses this before he puts his shoes on, and omg it actually works!! Thank you for his twinkle toes!!



I'm literally ADDICTED to Twinkle Toes! I practice hot yoga often and there's nothing grosser than walking out of the studio room trying to navigate around everyone else's sweat -- but it's inevitable. Enter Twinkle Toes! Before I toss on my flip flops, I generously spray my feet and they INSTANTLY feel fresh, hydrated, sanitized and odor-free. That's what I call "namaste."