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Power Play ($64 Value)


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Staying motivated can be a little bit easier when your feet are on the same page. Let us help you and your feet bounce so they’re ready to attack that next spin class, HIIT cycle, yoga pose or jazzercise routine. We got you.

This set includes: Clean Slate, Twinkle Toes, PreHeels+ 1.5oz, Sigh of Relief

PreHeels+™ creates an invisible barrier on your skin that blocks friction from shoes to prevent blisters, irritation and hot spots.

Twinkle Toes™ combines 6 different powerful agents to wipe out and prevent the growth of the bacteria and fungus that cause funky odors, along with a blend of calming and cleansing botanicals to leave you feeling instantly refreshed, cool and clean. 

Clean Slate™ rapidly returns your feet to their natural state of pristine cleanliness with a blend of soothing essential oils, anti-inflammatory flower, fruit and root extracts, and deep moisturizing shea butter and coconut oil. 

Sigh of Relief™ gives weary feet a much-needed relief from soreness, joint pain and muscle aches.