professional dual-grit emery boards

Smooth Sailing


Smooth Sailing™ is a set of 3 professional quality emery boards that are dual-textured and designed with an extra wide face for fast, easy filing. Dual-textured with a 120-rated coarse grit side for harder nails and a 240-rated fine grit side for softer nails provides flexibility to shape and smooth any nail. Premium, thick emery stock reduces bend for better control and faster results. Simple innovations for easier, faster and more beautiful everyday maintenance.

How To Use: Gently move the emery board in one direction across the top of each toenail until desired length, texture and shape is achieved.

  • Dual-textured for use with both harder/thicker and softer nails
  • Extra-wide face for fast, easy filing
  • Thicker board reduces bend
  • Durable / Premium / Hygienic / Reusable