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So Jelly


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The hard bottoms and downward angles of many shoes put painful pressure on the balls of your feet and toes. So Jelly™ shock-absorbing insoles are designed to help distribute and relieve pressure while reducing foot-slip for more comfortable all-day wear in any type of shoe. Two varieties of slim, high-grade, breathable silicone are included. The first variety includes a larger pillow, anti-slip massage dots and an adhesive bottom to reduce strain in shoes with a downward tilt; a second variety provides lighter, more versatile cushion support and slip control for use with all other types of shoes.

HOW TO USE: Wipe the inside of shoes clean & allow to dry for optimal adhesion. Place insert into each shoe just below the ball of the foot and position to personal comfort. Remove plastic backing to activate the self-adhesive. Replace as needed as adhesive naturally wears off.

  • High-grade, breathable silicone
  • Unique design optimized for heels and other shoes with a downward tilt
  • 2x varieties included for comfortable support with any types of shoes
  • Durable / Washable / Hygienic / Reusable