the essential trio for busy feet

Working Wonders

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what is it?
A hardworking set for hardworking feet, this multitasking trio does its job cleansing, healing and soothing away the most common complaints of people who are on the go (and on their feet) all day long.

what does it do?
Every product in this set is designed to keep feet fresh, healthy and comfortable, no matter how many hours a day you spend on your feet.

This set means business, targeting every issue that hardworking feet may have, from dirt and grime to aches, pains, cuts and scrapes. A swipe of Clean Slate™ quickly breaks down dirt, sweat and oil. Rehab™ protects skin, prevents infection and supports fast, healthy healing anywhere on the body, while Sigh Of Relief™ soothes away swelling, pain and stiffness at the source.

This set includes:

Clean Slate™ are textured wipes that give your feet an instant deep clean anywhere and everywhere.

Rehab™ is a scientifically advanced antibiotic serum that supports the rapid healing of cuts, scrapes and burns anywhere on the body.

Sigh Of Relief™ is a warming pain relief cream that gives weary feet (and other muscles) a much-needed relief from soreness, joint pain and muscle aches. 

why will you love it?
Because you’ll be able to stay on top of your game, whether you’re sprinting to meetings, running the office or jogging in the park.

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