easy-trim nail clippers

Clip Clip


Clip Clip™ is a premium nail clipper engineered to make the perfect nail trim and shape easy to achieve. Strong, premium stainless-steel blades with sharp, honed edges and a deep jaw allow for perfectly precise clips even through thick nails, while a wider lever creates a comfortable, no-slip grip. An accompanying pointed steel file is specially shaped to help clean underneath nail edges and to safely push up cuticles. 

  • Strong, premium stainless-steel blades for precise trimming
  • Deeper jaw with more leverage for easier cuts through thick nails
  • Wide lever for no-slip grip
  • Pointed steel file to clean nail edges and maintain cuticles

  • How To Use: Only clip nails when they are fully dry to avoid splitting. Cut straight across nail with the fewest possible clips. To avoid ingrown toenails, leave nails a little long and avoid cutting into nail corners or creating a curved nail shape. Clean clippers with rubbing alcohol and cotton swab after each use. 

    WARNING: Blades & tips are sharp. Handle with care. Keep out of reach of children.