professional dual-grit emery boards

Free Gift: Smooth Sailing



what is it?
Smooth Sailing™ is a set of 3 professional-grade emery boards designed with an extra wide face for fast, easy filing.

what does it do?
Dual-textured with a 120-rated coarse grit side for harder nails and a 240-rated fine grit side for softer nails, these boards offer the flexibility to smooth and shape absolutely any nail. Plus, a thicker emery stock reduces bend for better control and faster results.

why is it the best?
Simple innovations make Smooth Sailing™ ideal for easier, faster and more beautiful everyday maintenance.

why will you love it?
Also acts as a great excuse to avoid that thing you don't want to go to. 

How To Use: Gently move the emery board in one direction across the top of each toenail until desired length, texture and shape is achieved.