Barefoot Scientist

Standing Ovation

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what is it?

A specialized foot care set to keep the long days on your feet pain and odor free. 

what does it do?

This super-bundle is designed to keep your feet comfortable and happy during and after those long on-your-feet-all-day days.

This set targets every issue your feet may have from start to finish, from sore feet and blisters to sweat and odor. Start with putting So Jelly™ insoles into your shoes to make them as comfortable and supportive as possible. Spray Barrier4™ to avoid those dreaded blisters throughout the day. Use Clean Slate™ to wipe off the sweat and grime, then spray your feet and shoes with Twinkle Toes™ to eliminate any lingering odors. 

This set includes:

So Jelly: Shock-absorbing insoles designed to help distribute and relieve pressure on your feet.

Barrier4: creates an invisible barrier on your skin that blocks friction from shoes to prevent blisters, irritation and hot spots.

Clean Slate™: a textured wipe that gives your feet an instant deep clean anywhere and everywhere.

Twinkle Toes™: the ultimate odor-eliminating, bacteria-killing, foot-freshening super spray.

why will you love it?
Because your feet deserve a standing ovation for all the long hours (their words, not ours).