Why taking care of your feet is a must.

Picture this: after a day spent running around at work, you’re standing in line at the post office.

It’s been a 45 minutes already, wearing those size-too-small heels that you thought looked so cute in the store.

Your feet are throbbing from standing for so long, aching from being crammed into such a tight space and raw from rubbing back and forth on your shoes all day.

Now think for a second: would you ever treat another part of your body this way? Nope.

Why Our Feet Are So Important

Our feet are one of the hardest working parts of our body, containing 25% of the body’s bones,¹ 18% of its joints and 6% of its muscles, plus 7000 sensitive nerve endings.² With every single step, we subject our feet to almost 1000 lbs of force!

We know that’s a lot of numbers, but believe it or not, we have even more for your: if you wear high heels, the potential foot problems are amplified due to the downward angles and constrained spaces that squeeze toes into 50% less space.

Not to mention that shoes often rub back and forth on your skin more than 5000 times each day causing painful, unattractive blisters. OK, someone has to say it (and as certified foot experts and aspiring talk show hosts, we can): this is an offensive relationship.

It makes sense that taking care of our feet can help avoid this pain and discomfort, but the health benefits actually extend way above the ankle.

Quality of Life

Foot problems can rapidly start to affect posture and balance, and even provoke issues with our knees, hips and spine. In short, when our feet suffer, so does our overall quality of life.

If we can’t move around freely to exercise, work or attend a hip-hop baking class (hey, we’re LA-based and there’s something for everyone here), studies show that our physical and mental health can decline as a result.

We rely on our feet for almost everything, so it’s important that we don’t just walk all over them (sorry, we had to).

Staying Active

A healthy lifestyle includes daily movement, whether it’s a strenuous gym session or a relaxing yoga class or even walking to work. That means, if we can’t stay on our feet and stay active, we’re much more likely to encounter serious health problems as a result.

For those affected by diabetes or arthritis, it’s even more vital to practice good foot care since the nerves and blood flow to the feet are particularly sensitive, making it harder to heal from injuries or infections.

Working Effectively

Even if your job doesn’t require you to be on your feet, it’s more than likely that you have some form of commute or movement to contend with.

And if your job involves sitting at a desk, it’s vital to get up every once in a while to avoid pain, cramps and a whole host of other issues.

How to Care for Your Feet

So, what are the basics of good foot care? Well, make sure you pay attention to how your feet look and feel every day. Pay attention to any cuts, bruises, blisters, lumps and bumps.³

As we get older, our feet age just like the rest of our body does. That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to any changes such as fallen arches, cracked heels, sores, ulcers and more.

Ensure you wash and dry your feet thoroughly every day. Trim your toenails and treat any issues, like calluses and Athlete’s foot, promptly. Plus, make sure you wear clean socks and well-fitting shoes.

Taking it a Step Further

If you’re serious about making your feet as healthy as they can be, consider taking up yoga. Beneficial for the entire body, yoga is particularly helpful in strengthening muscles and tendons in your feet.

In fact, by making us more conscious of how we distribute weight on our feet, yoga can have a profound impact on everyday activities like walking to work or standing in line. In short, it’s a great overall practice that can make your feet especially happy.

Once you’ve completed your yoga session, what about a deep, relaxing reflexology massage? Even if you feel funny about getting your feet touched by a stranger, maybe improved circulation, relaxed muscles and softer skin will convince you?

How to Get Started

If you’re new to the world of foot care, our Starter Kit is the best place to begin. It includes Pure Grit™, High Dive™ and Clean Slate™, AKA all the essentials for happy, healthy (and seriously good-looking) feet. 

And while you’re down there, you might as well treat them to a rub and make them look cute. They really deserve it, especially since you stub your toe on the same doorframe almost every day.


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