Better Foot Care For Better Living

Life is more enjoyable and carefree when your feet look and feel their best. It's our mission to simplify comprehensive foot health and beauty by creating the best products in the world to help nourish your skin, freshen your step, ease your pain, revive your nails and save your soles. Because we believe your feet deserve the same kind of regular tender, loving care as the rest of your body.


It Starts With Better Science

We spent years consulting with experts, researching the unique needs of the foot, applying the most advanced science and meticulously selecting unique ingredients from around the world to create the best products possible for each and every foot need and problem. From heel to toe, and everything in between.


Happy, Healthy, Beautiful Feet Made Easy

We believe that caring for your feet shouldn’t be a hassle and that a luxurious foot-pampering is something we should all be enjoying on a more regular basis. That’s why each of our premium products have been formulated to work quickly, designed to fit into your existing beauty routines, and curated into a comprehensive, one-stop-shopping line that represents the best solution on the market for every foot need.


Dana Ward

Dana is the Founder and Co-President of Barefoot Scientist, overseeing brand, marketing and partnerships while leading development for the company’s growing slate of products. She hopes to inspire people to treat their feet in the same specialized way that they care for their face, hair and body.

Before launching Barefoot Scientist, Dana helped invent the company’s award-winning innovation, now known as PreHeels+ blister prevention spray. It was conceptualized after she suffered from blisters while working long hours on red carpets in Hollywood as part of the founding team of Clevver Media (now owned by Hearst Magazine). Several years of research and hundreds of formulations later, PreHeels+ became a viral sensation and led to the development of a full collection of premium foot care products.

“I’m really proud of the smart, effective formulations that we created for the entire line and I can’t wait for more people to introduce foot care into their everyday routine. Foot care is self care. Treat your feet. They literally take you everywhere you need to go in life, so they definitely deserve it!”