the 3-step fresh skin system

Peel & Reveal

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what is it?
An easy-to-use 3-step system that gently peels, exfoliates and hydrates for beautifully refreshed and rejuvenated skin.

what does it do?
This set gently removes dead, dry, built-up skin cells to reveal the healthier, softer, smoother layer underneath, then deeply hydrates and nourishes your newly refreshed skin.

This set includes:
Reboot™ is a scientifically formulated foot peel that gently removes dead, hardened and callused skin cells.

The Gratest™ is a professional-grade rasp designed to effectively exfoliate dry, built-up skin, especially dry, cracked heels.

In the Buff™ is a double-sided pumice stone crafted from the highest quality siliglass.

High Dive™ is an intensive hydration cream designed specifically for your feet.

why is it the best?
Reboot™ doesn’t harshly strip skin like other more acidic foot peels and the formulation enables the newer layers of skin cells to remain moisturized while the dead layers shed away. Our premium tools offer additional exfoliation while High Dive™ deeply hydrates so that your newly revealed skin is soft and smooth as can be.

why will you love it?
Because your feet will look and feel ageless (kind of like a vampire’s we would imagine).

  • How To Use

    Easy-to-use 3-step system


    Step 1.
    Start with Reboot™ to gently reveal a healthier, softer layer of skin. Since this product is formulated to be gentle, some people experience large amounts of peeling quickly, while others notice very subtle shedding. 

    Step 2.
    About a week or two after your feet finish shedding, buff off excess skin with In The Buff™ pumice stone and exfoliate hardened calluses with The Gratest™ foot rasp.

    Step 3.
    Once your feet are fully exfoliated, moisturize with High Dive™ for your silkiest smoothest skin ever.

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