cracked heel relief sleeves

Well Heeled

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what is it?
Well Heeled™ is a set of protective sleeves that maximize moisture absorption and protect sensitive skin for effective relief from dry, cracked heels.

what does it do?
Developed with high-grade SEBS silicone, these innovative sleeves lock in hydration to prevent moisture loss for softer, healthier heels. They also cushion, absorb shock and reduce pressure to relieve the effects of heel pain, soreness, spurs and plantar fasciitis.

why is it the best?
Strong, flexible, lightweight and breathable, these sleeves are comfortable enough for 24/7 wear.

why will you love it?
Because the way your heels will heal is the real deal (try saying it 5x fast).

HOW TO USE: Slip protector sleeves on to clean, dry feet with straight edge across top of foot. They stretch to comfortably fit all foot sizes and can be worn alone or under socks at any time. For treatment of dry, cracked heels, wear protectors after applying High Dive™ intensive hydration cream to maximize absorption and lock in moisture. To reuse, simply hand wash with mild soap and water. Air dry completely before use.