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Extra-dry, cracked, callused, & scaly feet

High Dive

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The best of High Dive, now in a foot mask for even deeper hydration.

Extra thick skin on your feet means you need something … intense. We took the best parts of best-selling High Dive intensive moisturizer cream, and packed it into a convenient, one time use bootie for maximum hydration. Designed with the roughest and driest feet in mind.

Contains 1 pair of single use booties.

Extra-dry, cracked, callused, & scaly feet


Being thick-skinned is actually a good thing – at least when it comes to your feet. This specialized type of skin is up to 8x thicker than the skin on the rest of your body, providing your feet with extraordinary protection throughout the day, but also making them especially vulnerable to dryness, unsightly calluses, corns and painful cracks. Every day, your feet are depleted of moisture faster than any other part of the body, a result of the hundreds of tons of downward pressure your body puts on them as well as being trapped all day long in sweat-inducing saunas known as 'shoes.'


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