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5 Festive Self Care Ideas for a Happy Holiday

5 Festive Self Care Ideas for a Happy Holiday

It goes without saying that the holiday season can be incredibly magical and fun-filled but it can also be immensely stressful and draining. Between gift shopping, decorating, cooking and coordinating, you’re spending more and doing more than any other time of the year. It’s very easy to lose yourself in the seemingly endless list of things to get done. In addition, traveling to see friends or family and having large celebrations is out of the question for most of us this year, so 2020 might go down as the most stressful holiday in history! Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to take care of yourself this season so that you can head into the new year feeling rested and rejuvenated.

1. Take the guilt out of gifting

If you’re feeling the pressure to remember everyone, find them the perfect gift and stay on budget, take a deep breath. Giving gifts can be just as enjoyable as receiving them but not if you stress out at every step. Make it into a fun activity by handcrafting cards and gifts for the most important people in your life, make a donation to a charity close to their heart or give the gift of a thoughtful socially distanced experience that you can enjoy alongside your loved ones.

2. Make a self care kit

If you are doing some holiday shopping, take the time to treat yourself a little bit, too. If you’re shopping at Barefoot Scientist for example (hint hint), pick up something for yourself in the process. Once all your shopping is done, you’ll hopefully have a few gifts that you can look forward to as well. Put them all together in a festive self care kit, put it in a prominent place and make it a point to enjoy them throughout the season.

3. Celebrate yourself & practice gratitude

The new year is all about looking forward, so make sure to look back and appreciate your accomplishments during the lead-up. 2020 has been a challenge to say the least, so the mere fact that you made it through is worth celebrating in itself. Take an objective look at everything you’ve overcome and achieved this year, and set aside an evening to do something you love to celebrate. While you’re reminiscing, also make a list of the things you’re grateful for this year—it will help reframe the year and help you look forward to what’s in store.

4. Stimulate your senses

There are lots of magical things about the holiday season that can conjure up memories of childhood and really get you in the festive spirit. Make the most of it by involving all your senses. Take a warm candlelight bath with some aromatic oil or bubble bath, bake gingerbread cookies to fill your home with the aroma, wrap yourself up in a warm blanket, make a homemade sugar scrub from items in your kitchen or just listen to your favorite holiday songs on repeat. Try to soak in as much of the season as you possibly can because it’ll be gone before you know it.

5. Learn to say “no”

While it might seem counterintuitive to the season of giving, it’s incredibly important to set boundaries during the holidays. It’s easy to overbuy, overcommit, overindulge and burn yourself out completely. Guess what? You can’t be generous at all if you’re completely exhausted. Practice setting expectations and limits by prioritizing your own physical and mental health. The holidays are a time for you to decompress, too, so if you need to take a few extra naps or have a day of doing absolutely nothing, go for it.

What’s your favorite festive self care tip? Share it with us on @barefootscientist.


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