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The Best Foot Care Gifts for Every Personality

The Best Foot Care Gifts for Every Personality

It’s no surprise that the holidays are one of the most stressful times of the year. Trying to find the perfect gift for your marathon-loving friend, spa-obsessed sister and that coworker who never wears the same pair of high heels twice is a momentous task in itself, particularly if you’re trying to get your shopping done in one place. Thankfully, self care is something everyone on your list could use a little more of, particularly this year. So, if you’re ready to get your gifting done in one go—and treat yourself in the process—read on to find the very best foot care gifts for everyone on your list.

For Everyday Athletes

Whether they love HIIT, kickboxing or goat yoga, chances are they’re going to end up breaking a sweat. This can lead to some funky odors on feet, shoes, socks, gym mats and other workout equipment. That’s why our Twinkle Toes™ Trio makes the ideal odor-busting gift for the active ones on your list. Twinkle Toes™ combines 6 different powerful agents to wipe out and prevent the growth of the 99.8% of the bacteria and fungus that cause funky odors. Plus, with a triple-pack, they’ll always have one close at hand so they can stay fresh every step of the way or you can split it up for gifting one to a few fitness friends. Bonus: you won’t have to pretend you don’t smell aged gouda every time they get back from a jog.

For Spa Lovers

Salon mani-pedis and relaxing spa treatments haven’t been a possibility for most of us this year, so if you know someone who’s been missing their regular pampering routines, give them the gift of at-home indulgence. Our Pamper Me set is a full-service foot treatment that can be enjoyed from the comfort of home. This step-by-step set includes Reboot™ to gently peel dead, hardened and callused skin cells to reveal the healthier, softer layer underneath. Then, Pure Grit™ pulls out impurities and In the Buff™ sloughs away those final areas of dry skin before High Dive™ intensely hydrates. The result? Feet that look and feel as good as new.

For Go-Getters

Know someone who’s on their feet all day? Help them recover and rebuild from everyday wear and tear with our Sweet Dreams set, which contains everything hardworking feet need to enjoy some serious R&R. A quick swipe of Clean Slate™ returns feet to pristine clean with a blend of soothing essential oils, anti-inflammatory flower, fruit and root extracts, and deep moisturizing shea butter and coconut oil. Then, High Dive™ cream soaks in deep to nourish the extra-tough skin that protects feet, before our Sleep On It™ socks slowly release a deep moisturizing formula while skin is in its intense nightly repair and recovery mode. They’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever the new day brings their way.

For Self Care Beginners

If someone you know is just getting started on their self care journey, help them along with our Starter Kit, AKA the basics for an easy, effective daily foot care routine. This set gives them everything they need to delve into the wonderful world of foot care. Pure Grit™ scrub to purify and give them an at-home spa experience they won’t forget, High Dive™ cream for the deep hydration feet crave to look and feel their best, and Clean Slate™ towelettes for on-the-go cleansing, wherever they are. Note: we’re not responsible for any foot care obsessions that arise as a result of giving this gift.

For Fashion Fanatics

Chances are, someone on your list is a shopaholic or style obsessive. If so, PreHeels+® is the stocking stuffer they didn’t know they needed (but soon won’t be able to live without). This award-winning blister prevention spray is clinically proven to prevent blisters and irritation for long-lasting comfort in all types of shoes. It creates a durable, invisible barrier that blocks friction on skin where shoes rub back and forth, so they can wear the fashion-forward heels, on-trend flats or stylish sneakers they love without worrying about getting a nasty blister.

For Wellness Junkies

What do you give the person who already owns all things self care? Well, we vote for our Walk-Ins Welcome set, which is the ultimate all-in-one kit to make at-home mani-pedi sessions easy. Unlike other sets, Walk-Ins Welcome features specially formulated products and premium tools to deep clean, exfoliate and moisturize dry skin and cuticles, then clean, trim and polish nails all from the comfort of home. This is our most comprehensive set, containing Pure Grit™ revitalizing scrub, In The Buff™ pumice stone, Clip Clip™ nail clippers, Filed Away™ buffer, High Dive™ hydration cream and Inner Strength™ nail oil. Together, this kit means that your lucky giftee will be able to enjoy some serious spa time—and make their fancy mani-pedi last as long as possible—anytime.

Stock up and save on holiday gifts by building your own holiday bundle. Plus, the more you gift, the more you get in return too. There may or may not be some festive offers including free shipping and gifts with purchase. Happy shopping!

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