How do I start a foot care routine?

Seasons are changing and you’re still spending plenty of time at home, which—if you ask us—makes it the perfect time to step up your self care routine. You’ve already got your hair, face and body regimen down, which just leaves the hardest-working part of your body: your feet!

So, if you’re ready to delve into the wonderful world of foot care but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got all the expert tips and tools you need to get your feet looking and feeling their best in no time.

#1 identify your goals

If you have any specific issues with your feet or nails (especially any longstanding ones), it could be worth consulting with a podiatrist¹ to ensure that there isn’t an underlying problem before you get started. If your goals are to combat any of the more commonplace issues we call the Sinister 7—dry skin, calluses, aches and pains, odor and infection, dirt and sweat, blisters and burns or unhealthy nails²—then you’re in luck. Our comprehensive collection features products that specifically address these concerns and can be used together in almost endless combinations. Hit Shop by Concern on our top navigation to browse the products in each category.

#2 shift your mindset

It’s easy to take care of your feet as an afterthought or to only address issues once they arise. Since our feet are one of the most overworked, overstressed and under-treated parts of the body, they’re incredibly prone to problems caused by everyday factors such as exercise, ill-fitting shoes³ and accumulated dirt and grime. Incorporating foot care into a proactive part of your daily care routine can have major benefits to your overall health and wellbeing. Plus, it’s never too late to get started!

#3 start small

Like anything else, it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you try to do too much all at once. Simply start by paying more attention to how your feet look and feel throughout the day, take the time to thoroughly wash and dry them in the shower and be mindful of what your feet go through on a daily basis. If you’re not sure where to start, our Starter Kit is the perfect place. It contains the three basics for an easy, effective daily foot care routine:

  • Start by gently exfoliating in the shower with Pure Grit™. This mineral scrub removes dead skin and pulls out impurities for feel that look and feel radiant. The spa-like eucalyptus scent is a huge bonus, too.
  • Once your feet are completely clean and dry, massage them with High Dive™ intensive hydration cream. This moisturizer deeply nourishes the extra-thick skin on your feet with the best ingredients from science and nature.
  • And to keep your foot care routine going wherever you are, be sure to keep a stash of Clean Slate™ towelettes close by. Infused with a blend of soothing essential oils, anti-inflammatory flower, fruit and root extracts, and deep moisturizing shea butter and coconut oil, these wipes return your skin to pristine clean in an instant.

Trust us, once you get started on your foot care journey, you won’t want to stop.

#4 have fun

Not only are our feet incredibly strong, they’re also very sensitive, which is why a good foot rub feels like heaven on earth! Taking just a few minutes a day to treat your feet to some TLC can be a serious mood booster and, if you’re anything like us, that will soon progress into hour-long at-home spa sessions complete with candles and aromatherapy oils. Be sure to check out our expertly curated sets, which were designed with every type of foot treatment in mind—from relieving the aches and pains associated with working out to indulging hardworking feet in some well-deserved pampering.

Any questions about getting started on your foot care journey? Drop us a line at any time.