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How to update your self care routine for Fall

How to update your self care routine for Fall

The weather’s getting chillier (or should be), the days are getting longer and our desire to snuggle under a blanket is getting more and more intense—yep, Fall is officially on its way. As the leaves start to change, it’s helpful to make a few small changes to your self care routine too. What works in the summer months won’t necessarily be as effective for Fall. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our 10 favorite ways to update our everyday routines (for our favorite season).

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Just because you don’t feel yourself sweating like you do in the summer doesn’t mean you should ease up on your water intake. Eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day is still the standard to keep your body looking and feeling its very best.¹ Likewise, indoor heating and dry air can sap the moisture from your skin like crazy. Fall is the time to start switching out any lightweight moisturizers to thicker, richer options for your face and body. For your feet, our Smooth Operator set is all you need: banish dead skin cells with The Gratest™, slather on High Dive™ and then slip on Sleep On It™ for intensely hydrated, incredibly happy feet.

2. Grab some good hiking shoes (and socks)

Spending time out in nature is just as beneficial for your mental health as it is for your physical fitness, whatever the season. While sandals or slip-ons may have cut it in the warmer months, it’s important to invest in some quality trekking shoes to keep you comfortable throughout unpredictable Fall weather² (and don't forget the PreHeels+® to avoid dreaded blisters while breaking them in). Look for designs with adequate support that are also insulated and waterproof. The last thing you want is to walk around with cold, soggy feet.

3. Get enough sunlight

Another reason why it’s important to get enough time outdoors during Fall is to ensure you get your daily dose of vitamin D. With fewer hours of sunlight and gloomier weather, it’s easy to get into a Fall funk, which is why Seasonal Depression (or Seasonal Affective Disorder)³ is so prevalent. If you don’t feel like you’re getting enough natural sunlight, it’s worth investing in a light therapy lamp and/or vitamin D supplements to keep your mood vibrant even when the days are grey.

4. Keep the sunscreen

An add-on to the tip above: don’t ditch the sunscreen! Just because you can’t see or feel the sun, doesn’t mean UVA and UVB rays can’t still negatively impact your skin. Whatever the weather, sunscreen is a non-negotiable.

5. Incorporate seasonal flavor & color

It’s time to add a little more orange to your food intake (and we’re not just talking about orange candy). Foods like sweet potatoes, pumpkins and carrots are excellent sources of the antioxidant beta-carotene, which supports heathy hair, skin and vision. Roast them with some olive oil and spices for a treat that’s as nutritious as it is delicious.

6. Bring the outdoors in

You don’t need to spend money to make your home feel like an Autumnal wonderland. Grab some pinecones, flowers or even fallen leaves to create center pieces, garlands, wreaths and more. We see refreshing our home décor as a form of self care in itself; it helps us stay present in (and excited about) the unique spirit of the season.

7. Enjoy more naps

There’s something about taking a nap during the summer that feels like you’re missing out—beautiful weather means you should be outside, right? Thankfully, Fall is prime nap season. Slow down, snuggle down and give your body and mind the rest they deserve to recover from the year so far.

8. Practice gratitude

While this is important all year round, as we approach Thanksgiving, it’s a healthy reminder to take stock of all the wonderful people and things in your life. Try writing your family and friends a thoughtful thank you note detailing why they’re so special to you—it’s a great excuse to reconnect and will make you both feel awesome.

9. Take a warm bath

If there’s anything we love about Fall and Winter, it’s having the excuse of needing to warm up by lounging in a bubble bath. As a bonus, soaking in the tub is the perfect prep for your at-home pedicure, so it’s a total necessity.

10. Do all of the Fall things

Anything that feels Fall -- bring it in. Devour PSLs (our team is very divided on pumpkin spice lattes, but we won't judge), Halloween candy and pecan cookies. Light up sandalwood candles. Binge a favorite 'back to school' movie. Go apple picking. Watch a football game. Pull out the plaid. The seasonal options are endless, so please enjoy!

What’s your favorite Fall self care update? Let us know @barefootscientist.



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