the complete cracked heel relief set

Heal & Shield

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what is it?
The skin-smoothing, hyper-hydrating, heel-protecting trio.

what does it do?
This set includes:
+ The Gratest™: a professional-grade rasp designed to efficiently and safely remove built-up layers of dry, hardened, thick or callused skin.
+ High Dive™: an intensive hydration cream that penetrates deep to heal dry, cracked heels and skin.
+ Well Heeled™: protective sleeves that target dry, cracked heels by maximizing moisture absorption and protecting sensitive skin.

why is it the best? 
Transforming dry, cracked heels into soft, smooth skin requires specialized tools and products. That’s why The Gratest™, High Dive™ and Well Heeled™ were all designed specifically for feet (especially heels). This kit makes it easy to remove hardened skin cells, nourish newly exfoliated skin and lock in moisture for healthy, hydrated heels.

why will you love it?
Because like '80s shoulder pads, your cracked heels are something you'd rather forget.

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