3-step nightly ritual

Sweet Dreams ($56 Value)


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Skip counting sheep and let your pre-sleep ritual include something good. Like real good. This is your quick 3-step nightly routine that will get you in the mood. You know, in the mood for some wink eye. Your feet will wake up and say thank you. Sweet dreams.

This set includes: Sleep On It, Clean Slate, High Dive

Clean Slate™ rapidly returns your feet to their natural state of pristine cleanliness with a blend of soothing essential oils, anti-inflammatory flower, fruit and root extracts, and deep moisturizing shea butter and coconut oil. 

High Dive™ is a daily intensive hydration butter designed to nourish the extra-tough skin that protects your feet. 

Sleep On It™ therapeutic socks are lined with a unique soft gel that slowly releases a deep moisturizing formula at the perfect time—while your skin is in its intense nightly repair & recovery mode.